Abortion- 1 in 3 women

1 in 3 women will have an abortion by the time they are 50 years of age. I want to get rid of the stigma that is attached to women who have abortions. Most people who I have spoken to since I have been on placement at the clinic asked if I saw a lot of teenage girls and each time I told them that the majority of women that I met were over the age of 20 and already had children. Each lady had a different story and different reasons having an abortion, but the stories were often similar, they already had children and felt that they could not support another child.

I did come across women who had not been taking contraception at all or forgot to take it everyday but most of the ladies I spoke to were on a form of contraception and it had failed them. The only 100% contraception there is, is not having sex and well, that isn’t the most easiest thing to do.

I came across a woman in her early twenties who i found out had, had several abortions over the last few years. After each termination she tried a new contraception and none of them had worked for her. This was not her fault in anyway and you cannot judge her for continuing to have sex because she was a girl in her early twenties trying to enjoy her life like everyone else. I really felt for her and the mental trauma she must have experienced after each termination.

Abortions are not something women undertake easily, each woman will deal with it in a different way. I met a young girl who claimed that she had gotten pregnant without actually having intercourse. She was very intelligent and went into great detail explaining to us how she got pregnant  but she was very nervous and I could tell she was scared that we were judging her. Personally, I did not judge her but I did spent most of the consultation trying to work out how she had gotten pregnant without actually having sex and after speaking to other health professionals came to the conclusion that most probably she did have sex but was just embarrassed. Her way of coping was to talk none stop and going into great detail about her life, other women I met hardly said a word and made it very clear that they wanted to leave as quickly as possible.

Before i started my placement I did not disagree with abortions but I did not want to know anything about them. While i was working my respect for women who came to the clinic increased everyday, they put themselves through a  massive emotional trauma to ensure that their families did not suffer or go without.  If you have not personally had a termination, then the chances are that you will know someone who has, or will do sometime in their life. Please do not judge them, they will need a lot of support and love for a long time afterwards. If you have had one, then remember that it was the best decision for you and don’t let others get you down.

This will be my last post for a few weeks as I am going to China tomorrow to learn about traditional Chinese Medicine, when i get back I am starting my new placement, it will be the first time I have worked in a hospital!.