What a year!


I am a second year student nurse and I have started a blog to share my experiences. Follow me throughout my next two years of training. If my second year if anything like my first, you will be reading about all of the amazing things that I get to witness on a day to day basis however there will also be tears and loss. 



2 responses to “What a year!

  1. littlemissnotsoadventurous

    I too am a second year nursing student…so excited to hear about your blog and all your great stories! (Of course, without any of that HIPAA LOL!

  2. Dear nursing student,
    Thanks for liking my post about my Caring Lessons book. I so love nursing students! I loved being a teacher. In my book I tell lots about my own student days through all my degrees. I did not want to be a nurse, so my diploma school days were not very happy, but nursing grew on me until I absolutely loved it. I wish you well in your studies and your placements. In the US, we call them clinicals or practicums!
    Lois Roelofs

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